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What to prepare

You must include proof or evidence in support of the matters stated in your neighbour dispute claim via the Community Justice and Tribunals System (CJTS).

You may provide the following as evidence:

How to prepare your evidence

You will need to prepare and submit evidence according to the following instructions. Evidence that does not comply with these instructions may be rejected.

If your evidence is in the form of physical documents, you must:

  • Number every page consecutively, stating the page number at the top right-hand corner of the page.
  • (If the documents are written in another language) Include a certified translation in English made by a professional translator.

How to submit

You must scan and upload the documents in PDF format when filing it in CJTS.

If your evidence is in the form of audio or video recordings, you must:

  • Save each recording file under a file name according to "<Date of recording in Date Month Year format>–<Actual time what the recording is meant to show happened in HH–MM–SS format>–<Short description of what the recording is meant to show>" format.
    • For example "<05 June 2016>–<23–11–00>–<Spitting>" or "<10 June 2016>–<09–07–00>–<Scolding vulgarities>".
  • Save the recordings in a CD-R or DVD-R labelled according to "<Party’s name>–<CD–R or DVD–R Number>" format.
    • For example "<Tan Ah Teck Joseph>–<CD1>" or "<Tan Ah Teck Joseph>–<DVD1>"
  • Identify and transcribe the important parts of each recording that you wish to bring to the tribunal judge's attention in a table format as shown in the following example.
    • The transcript of the important parts of the audio or video recording must state the action that is seen, the exact words that are used and the sounds that are heard.
    • (If you are submitting video recordings) Screenshots of the important frames in the video recording to support what is stated in the transcript must be provided.
    • (If the words that are used in the audio or video recording are in another language) A certified translation in English made by a professional translator must be provided.

CD or DVD label

File name of recording

Time location within recording in <HH:MM:SS> to <HH:MM:SS> format


<Tan Ah Teck Joseph>-<DVD1>

<05 June 2016>-<23-11-00>-<Spitting>

Actual time:<23:11:23> to <23:11:30>


Recording time: <01:05:22> to <01:05:25>

Respondent spits along the common corridor

<Tan Ah Teck Joseph>-<DVD2>

<10 June 2016>-<09-07-00>-<Scolding vulgarities>

Actual time: <09:10:22> to <09:12:50>

or Recording time: <00:35:21> to <00:40:23>

Respondent stands outside plaintiff's (for matters commenced before 1 April 2022) or claimant's (for matters commenced on or after 1 April 2022) flat and scolds plaintiff or claimant vulgarities ("state exact words")

How to submit

You must upload the completed table containing information about each event in the audio or video recordings in PDF format into CJTS.

The CD-R or DVD-R must be submitted on the same day you are filing or responding to a claim or by the next working day at the Community Disputes Resolution Tribunals Registry.

Need help?

The information here is for general guidance as the courts do not provide legal advice. If you need further help, you may want to get independent legal advice.

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Refer to the Guide to Neighbour Dispute Claims (PDF, 4099 KB).
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