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Our Faculty comprises:

Senior Faculty


    • District Judge Paul Chan
      Senior Director, Centre for Leadership and Judgecraft
    • District Judge Prem Raj
      Senior Director, Centre for Specialist Knowledge and Skills

    • District Judge Lim Choi Ming
      Acting Director, Centre for Specialist Knowledge and Skills
    • District Judge Reuben Ong
      Director, Centre for Specialist Knowledge and Skills

    Supreme Court Registry Faculty

    • Senior Assistant Registrar Cheng Pei Feng
      Focus area: Intellectual Property
    • Assistant Registrar Karen Tan
      Focus area: Arbitration
    • Assistant Registrar Crystal Tan
      Focus area: International Commercial
    • Assistant Registrar Lim Sai Nei
      Focus area: Corporate Disputes
    • Assistant Registrar Jacqueline Lee
      Focus area: Corporate Insolvency & Restructuring
    • Assistant Registrar Randeep Singh
      Focus area: Crime

    Family Justice Courts Faculty

    • District Judge Kevin Ng
      Focus area: Mediation
    • District Judge Yarni Loi
      District Judge Suzanne Chin
      Focus area: Therapeutic Justice
    • District Judge Miranda Yeo
      Focus area: Mental Capacity, Adoption and Probate
    • District Judge Michelle Elias Solomon
      Focus area: Case Management

    State Courts Faculty

    • District Judge Kow Keng Siong
      District Judge Lee Lit Cheng
      Focus area: Crime
    • District Judge Marvin Bay
      Focus area: Court Dispute Resolution
    • District Judge Teo Guan Kee
      Focus area: Civil
    • District Judge Sandra Looi
      Focus area: Tribunals


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