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Our Work

The College is established under the Supreme Court of Singapore. It is an institute for higher judicial learning that aspires not only to successfully impart the necessary competencies and skills required of a judge today, but also a key centre for articulating the vision of the Singapore Judiciary and its defining values.

With its family of judges, academics, as well as allied learning and development specialists, the College empowers judges to realise the judiciary’s vision and operate a justice system that delivers on its ideals to all its users:  

  • The Institute of Judicial Excellence is the education arm of the College. Its primary responsibility is the development and delivery of tailored robust training programmes to support our judges develop and demonstrate the competencies set out in the Judicial Competency Framework. It comprises three divisions: Judicial Competence; Curriculum, Pedagogy and Innovation; as well as Systems, Processes, Planning and Resources.
  • The Institute of Judicial Studies is the research arm of the College. Its primary responsibility is to undertake, lead and facilitate rigorous multi-method research on a wide range of issues relevant to the judiciary.

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