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What is the Integrated Family Application Management System

The Integrated Family Application Management System (iFAMS) is an online platform for parties to file and manage the following Family Justice Courts (FJC) cases:

If you are a party in the case, key features you may access through iFAMS include:

File an application

Use a guided online form to file an application. You can also submit supporting documents or attachments.

In some cases, you may need to visit the FJC to complete your application. Submitting a draft through iFAMS reduces the processing time.

View case details and updates

View the details of your case, including the:

  • Case number.
  • Date and venue of your next court event.

Submit court documents

Examples of common documents include:

  • Affidavits of evidence-in-chief.
  • Other supporting documents for hearings.

Change a court date

Reschedule court events. This should be done at least 5 working days before the court date.

Note: The examples in this table are not exhaustive. For more details on the services, refer to iFAMS.

How to access

Log in to iFAMS using your Singpass.

Refer to the respective iFAMS guides for the step-by-step instructions on using iFAMS.

How to pay

You can pay for applications in iFAMS via one of the following ways:

Help and support

For technical support

If you need technical help with iFAMS, you may contact the iFAMS technical helpdesk at 6756 3874 or email

Take note of the technical helpdesk's operating hours:

  • Monday to Friday: 8.00am to 8.00pm.
  • Saturday: 8.00am to 2.00pm.
  • Sunday and public holidays: Closed.

For help with your case

Contact the respective registry for your application. Find out the contact details and operating hours.


Refer to the following guides:

Related questions

You can upload PDF documents up to maximum of 1MB per document.

If the file is too large, you can decrease the file by adjusting your scanner settings. Try to scan in black and white instead of colour, or use a lower resolution.

Log in to iFAMS with your Singpass and submit a request for the change in appointment at least 5 working days before the court date. You must indicate the reasons for the request and provide supporting documents.

If you have a lawyer representing you, your lawyer may also make a request on your behalf.

If you do not receive written notification that your application has been approved, you will still have to attend court at the original scheduled date and time.

Go to the iFAMS main page. Under Find your court session, enter both the case number and your identification number.

At the mentions court, the judge will give you directions on which documents to submit, as well as when and how to submit them.

You can log in to iFAMS to submit them. If you are represented by a lawyer, you can ask your lawyer to do so on your behalf.

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