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Case briefs by the Singapore Management University

A collaboration between the Supreme Court and Singapore Management University (SMU) Law School where it provides an opportunity for students to report on selected Court of Appeal Judgment, highlighting the significant and pertinent points set out in the judgment.

28 November 2023UniCredit Bank AG v Glencore Singapore Pte LtdView Judgment
8 November 2023Consorzio di Tutela della Denominazone di Origine Controllata Prosecco v Australian Grape and Wine IncorporatedView Judgment
28 September 2023Kuvera Resources Pte Ltd v JPMorgan Chase Bank, NAView Judgment
21 July 2023Muhammad Hamir B Laka v Public ProsecutorView Judgment
3 July 2023Singapore Medical Council v Wee Teong BooView Judgment
5 May 2023Admission to the Singapore Bar: Clarifying the framework for situations of applicant misconduct Re Suria Shaik AzizView Judgment
26 April 2023Abdoll Mutaleb bin Raffik v Public Prosecutor and another appealView Judgment
9 March 2023The requirements of proper character befitting a lawyer: Re Tay Jie Qi and another matterView Judgment
3 March 2023Divorce Proceedings: the Power of Intent in the Division of Assets Acquired by Gift or Inheritance
View Judgment
17 Feb 2023IIa Technologies Pte Ltd v Element Six Technologies LtdView Judgment
20 January 2023Ethoz Capital Ltd v Im8ex Pte Ltd and othersView Judgment
6 Janurary 2023Anupam Mittal v Westbridge Ventures II Investment HoldingsView Judgment
2 December 2022Ong Kian Peng Julian v Singapore Medical Council and other mattersView Judgment
1 December 2022Roszaidi bin Osman v PPView Judgment
9 November 2022How Weng Fan and others v Sengkang Town Council and other appealsView Judgment
21 October 2022Janesh s/o Rajkumar v Unknown PersonView Judgment
26 September 2022Re Wong Wai Loong Sean and other mattersView Judgment
5 July 2022Chong Hoon Cheong v Public ProsecutorView Judgment
6 June 2022Re Tay Quan Li LeonView Judgment
22 April 2022Ong Chai Soon v Ong Chai Koon and others View Judgment
14 April 2022VEW v VEVView Judgment
19 January 2022Ahmed Salim v Public ProsecutorView Judgment
10 January 2022Esben Finance Ltd and others v Wong Hou-Lianq NeilView Judgment
30 December 2021Takaaki Masui v Public ProsecutorView Judgment
15 December 2021UJM v UJLView Judgment
15 December 2021Miao Weiguo v Tendcare Medical Group Holdings Pte Ltd and anotherView Judgment
30 November 2021Jumadi bin Abdullah v Public ProsecutorView Judgment
11 November 2021M Raveendran v Public ProsecutorView Judgment
11 November 2021Roshdi bin Abdullah Altway v Public ProsecutorView Judgment
12 October 2021iVenture Card Ltd v Big Bus Singapore City Sightseeing Pte LtdView Judgment
8 October 2021The Online Citizen Pte Ltd v Attorney-General and another appeal and other mattersView Judgment
21 September 2021Iskandar bin Rahmat v Law Society of SingaporeView Judgment
20 August 2021The "Luna" and another appealView Judgment
1 July 2021Teo Seng Tiong v Public ProsecutorView Judgment
29 June 2021Ong Jane Rebecca v Lim Lie Hoa and other appeals and other mattersView Judgment
21 June 2021CBX and another v CBZ and othersView Judgment
10 June 2021Sun Electric Power Pte Ltd v RCMA Asia Pte LtdView Judgment
9 June 2021Noor Azlin bte Abdul Rahman and another v Changi General Hospital Pte LtdView Judgment
14 May 2021Syed Suhail bin Syed Zin v Public ProsecutorView Judgment
12 May 2021Republic of India v Vedanta Resources plcView Judgment
22 April 2021Charles Lim Teng Siang and another v Hong Choon Hau and anotherView Judgment
9 April 2021Chan Yun Cheong v Chan Chi Cheong (PDF, 327 KB) View Judgment
30 March 2021Amarjeet Singh v Public Prosecutor (PDF, 822 KB) View Judgment
5 March 2021CIMB Bank Berhad v World Fuel Services (Singapore) Pte Ltd (PDF, 788 KB) View Judgment
10 February 2021Solomon Lew v Kaikhushru Shiavax Nargolwala and others and another appeal (PDF, 125 KB)View Judgment
1 November 2021Public Prosecutor v Pang Chie Wei and othersView Judgment
15 December 2020Denka Advantech Pte Ltd and another v Seraya Energy Pte Ltd and another and other appeals (PDF, 675 KB) View Judgment
20 November 2020Law Society of Singapore v Lee Suet Fern (PDF, 550 KB) View Judgment
6 November 2020Wham Kwok Han Jolovan v Public Prosecutor 2020 (PDF, 236 KB) View Judgment
28 October 2020Ma Hongjin v SCP Holdings Pte Ltd (PDF, 103 KB) View Judgment
19 October 2020Gobi Avedian v Public Prosecutor 2020 (PDF, 749 KB) View Judgment
14 October 2020Singapore Air Charter Pte Ltd v Peter Low & Choo LLC and another [2020] (PDF, 397 KB) View Judgment
29 August 2020Muhammad Nabill bin Mohd Fuad v Public Prosecutor (PDF, 587 KB) View Judgment
17 July 2020Public Prosecutor v Aishamudin bin Jamaludin (PDF, 247 KB) View Judgment
28 May 2020Ricardo and another v Noble Resources Ltd and another (PDF, 444 KB) View Judgment
29 April 2020Saravanan Chandaram v Public Prosecutor (PDF, 510 KB)View Judgment
9 April 2020Sim Poh Ping v Winsta Holding (PDF, 275 KB) View Judgment
6 April 2020I-Admin (Singapore) Pte Ltd v Hong Ying Ting (PDF, 173 KB) View Judgment
18 March 2020Singapore Shooting Association and others v Singapore Rifle Association (PDF, 493 KB) View Judgment
9 March 2020Armstrong v Quest (PDF, 175 KB) View Judgment
28 Feb 2020Han Fang Guan v Public Prosecutor (PDF, 287 KB) View Judgment
24 February 2020Quoine Pte Ltd v B2C2 Ltd (PDF, 265 KB) View Judgment
22 January 2020PP v GCK (PDF, 189 KB) View Judgment
13 November 2019BPH v Public Prosecutor (PDF, 418 KB) View Judgment
8 November 2019BLV v Public Prosecutor (PDF, 533 KB) View Judgment
18 October 2019SMC v Soo Shuenn Chiang (PDF, 68 KB) View Judgment
24 July 2019Singapore Medical Council v Dr Lim Lian Arn (PDF, 526 KB) View Judgment
23 July 2019Anan Group (Singapore) Pte Ltd v VTB Bank (Public Joint Stock Co) (PDF, 299 KB)View Judgment
12 July 2019Yap Chen Hsiang Osborn v Public Prosecutor (PDF, 456 KB) View Judgment
27 May 2019Nagaenthran a/l K Dharmalingam v Public Prosecutor (PDF, 317 KB) View Judgment
27 May 2019Adili Chibuike Ejike v Public Prosecutor (PDF, 462 KB) View Judgment
16 May 2019Far East Square Pte Ltd v Yau Lee Construction (Singapore) Pte Ltd (PDF, 325 KB)View Judgment
9 May 2019Rakna Arakshaka Lanka Ltd v Avant Garde Maritime Services (Private) Limited (PDF, 398 KB) View Judgment
30 April 2019Kok Yin Chong and others v Lim Hun Joo and others (PDF, 319 KB) View Judgment
23 April 2019Public Prosecutor v Dinesh s/o Rajantheran (PDF, 371 KB) View Judgment
10 April 2019Wong Souk Yee v Attorney-General (PDF, 176 KB) View Judgment
1 April 2019Li Shengwu v Attorney General (PDF, 470 KB) View Judgment
11 March 2019Public Prosecutor v ASR (PDF, 255 KB)View Judgment
26 February 2019Noor Azlin Binte Abdul Rahman v Changi General Hospital Pte Ltd & others (PDF, 259 KB) View Judgment
13 February 2019Shanghai Turbo Enterprises Ltd v Liu Ming (PDF, 397 KB) View Judgment
15 January 2019SCK Serijadi Sdn Bhd v Artison Interior Pte LtdView Judgment
26 October 2018Zainal bin Hamad v Public ProsecutorView Judgment
24 October 2018Douglas Foo Peow Yong v ERC Prime II Pte Ltd and another appeal and other mattersView Judgment
22 October 2018Glaziers Engineering Pte Ltd v WCS Engineering Construction Pte LtdView Judgment
3 October 2018Mui Jia Jun v Public Prosecutor View Judgment
16 July 2018Adri Anton Kalangie v Public ProsecutorView Judgment
26 June 2018Public Prosecutor v Raveen Balakrishnan  View Judgment
24 April 2018UDA v UDBView Judgment
6 April 2018Lee Tat Cheng v Maka GPSView Judgment
12 February 2018Zainudin bin Mohamed v Public ProsecutorView Judgment

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