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Wearing of robes for Supreme Court cases

In general, counsel must wear robes in all open court hearings and proceedings in the Supreme Court if any judge is physically present in the courtroom. This is applicable even if counsel are attending via video conferencing or live television link.

Refer to the guidelines for different types of cases:

Open court proceedings in the Court of Appeal

Non-trial criminal proceedings in the High Court

These hearings are mostly conducted via video conferencing with the judges seated remotely. As such, counsel are not required to wear their robes, unless otherwise notified.

Open Court non-trial civil proceedings (such as bulk lists and winding up matters)

Civil and criminal trials in the High Court

Such hearings and proceedings are typically conducted physically by the judges in the courtrooms, unless notice is given for a remote hearing. Counsel are required to wear robes when judges are physically present in the courtrooms.

All counsel must adhere to the guidelines above, unless otherwise instructed by the Supreme Court Legal Registry.

For State Courts and Family Justice Courts cases

Robes are not required for cases in the State Courts or Family Justice Courts.

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