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Who must apply for practising certificates

Every solicitor who wishes to act in the capacity of an advocate and solicitor must apply for a practicing certificate.

When to apply

For every practice year, every solicitor must apply for a practising certificate before acting in the capacity of an advocate and solicitor. The term "practice year" means the period from 1 April in any calendar year to 31 March in the next calendar year.

Every practising certificate issued will be in force from the date of issue to the end of the practice year, except that a practising certificate issued in April shall be deemed to be in force from 1 April.

You may submit an application to the Registrar for a practising certificate in respect of a practice year no earlier than the month preceding the commencement of the practice year. For example, for the practice year 2021 to 2022 (which means the period from 1 April 2021 to 31 March 2022), the application for a practising certificate for that practice year cannot be submitted before 1 March 2021.

How to apply

You can apply for or renew a practising certificate online through eLitigation.

If you do not have online access to eLitigation, you may:

For more information, refer to:

Note: The Law Society Council Election 2021 will take place on 27 October 2021. If you are an advocate and solicitor in the Middle or Junior Category and have in force a practising certificate on 12 October 2021, you are required to vote in the election on 27 October 2021. Voting is compulsory under the Legal Profession Act and if you fail to vote on election day, you may not be entitled to apply for a practising certificate.

If you are not in Singapore on election day, or have a good and sufficient reason for not voting, you may seek a waiver from the voting requirement from the Registrar, Supreme Court under section 50(2) of the Legal Profession Act. To apply for a waiver, you should note the following:

  • Submit your request for waiver only after the Law Society Council Election day.
  • Submit your request for waiver before you submit the application for a practising certificate. Your request for waiver will not be considered if you submit your request for waiver after submitting your application for a practising certificate and after the penalty of $500 has been paid.
  • View the details on how to submit the request (PDF, 471 KB).

Estimated fees

The Supreme Court will collect the following fees for applications through eLitigation:

Document fee


Processing fee


Transmission fee


Service fee

  • For Singapore law practices: $4
  • For foreign law practices and concurrent practice: $6

Note: This table does not include the applicable subscription fees, levies, contributions, and other fees and charges payable to the Law Society of Singapore or the Singapore Academy of Law. It also does not include additional fees payable for applications made through the LawNet & CrimsonLogic Service Bureau.


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