This is the process to file a deputyship application through the simplified process. If you are unsure whether this applies to you, understand the differences between the standard and simplified process.

Check if the simplified process applies

You may file a deputyship application through the simplified process only if all of the following applies to your case:

  • All relevant persons to the person who lacks mental capacity (P), consent to the application.
    • Relevant persons are people who have an involvement in P’s life and are likely to have an interest in your deputyship application. Find out more about relevant persons.
    • Within 3 months after you file your application, all relevant persons will need to indicate their consent. You will only pay and complete the application after this step.
  • You are applying for specific orders under the Mental Capacity Act. Refer to the following for the full list of orders.
  • Provided that the total amount of money involved is not more than $80,000, to do one or more of the following:
    • To withdraw monies from P’s bank account.
    • To surrender and claim P’s insurance monies.
    • To sell P’s shares.
    • To sell P’s motor vehicle.
  • To consent to medical treatment for P.
  • To consent to dental treatment for P.
  • To decide where and with whom P is to live.
  • To decide on care services for P.
  • To decide on travelling arrangements for P.
  • To open a bank account for P.
  • To close P’s bank account.
  • To place P’s money in fixed deposit accounts in P’s bank.
  • To terminate GIRO arrangements linked to P’s bank account.
  • To cancel P’s credit cards.
  • To pay P’s debts.
  • To rent out P’s property.
  • To decide on upgrading or renovation of P’s property.
  • To lodge a Notice of Death in respect of P’s property.
  • To apply for a replacement Certificate of Title in respect of P’s property.
  • To purchase insurance policies for P.
  • To place P’s monies in a trust for P.
  • To apply to and communicate with any government agency or agency designated by the government to administer a matter in question on behalf of P, to the extent to which P would have been able to if P had mental capacity.
  • To obtain information relating to P.
  • To decide and act for P in relation to Central Provident Fund (CPF) matters.
  • To receive monies paid to P on a regular basis by the CPF Board.
  • (In addition to monies paid to P on a regular basis by the CPF Board) To receive up to $60,000 of P’s monies from the CPF Board.
  • To enter into contracts for P.
  • To conduct legal proceedings in P’s name or on P’s behalf.

The total monies withdrawn from all accounts should not exceed $80,000. If P requires more monies in future, a subsequent application may be made.

File a simplified deputyship application step-by-step

This is the process of filing a deputyship application through the simplified process.

If you file an application, you are the applicant.

Before filing

Understand what it means to be a deputy

Find out what you need to consider and do before applying to become a deputy.

When filing

File the application

Find out the documents, fees and process to file a simplified deputyship application online. Within 3 months after you file, the relevant persons will need to indicate their consent. If there are no issues with your application, the court will send the deputyship order to you via email.

After filing

(If needed) Attend court

You may need to attend court in some cases, for example, if the court needs further clarifications on your application. At a hearing, the judge will decide whether to approve your application.

After an order is made

File an application, if needed

If you are not satisfied with an order made by the court, you may file an appeal.


Apply for a one-time emergency funding

If the person who lacks mental capacity (P), is a DBS Bank or POSB Bank account holder, you can apply for a one-time emergency withdrawal of up to $5,000 from their funds to care for their urgent needs. P's immediate family members must agree to your application.

After the doctor has submitted the medical report online through the Family Integrated Application Management System (iFAMS), you can visit one of the selected branches to file an application. The application fee is $40.

If your application form is in order, you should typically receive a response from the Family Courts within 3 working days. Once the court grants the order, the bank can be directly notified of the court order.

Find out where and how to apply for the one-time emergency funding.


Refer to the deputyship brochure: 

Legislation associated with this topic includes:

Related questions

A lasting power of attorney (LPA) is for people who have not yet lost mental capacity to appoint someone to make decisions on their behalf, should they lose mental capacity in the future.

In contrast, deputyship applies to people who did not apply for an LPA before losing their mental capacity.

Yes, a deputyship application can be filed by more than one applicant. If your application is approved, all the assigned deputies must make decisions jointly.

The application steps are the same, except that the other applicants must log in to the Integrated Family Management System (iFAMS) to submit their declaration separately.

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