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How to file an E-Template Statement (ETS) for selected maintenance applications

Applications which require an ETS

You will need to complete an ETS (together with other related documents) if you are involved in the following cases:

  • Fresh maintenance applications (pursuant to s69 of the Women’s Charter); or
  • Variation, rescission or suspension applications of an existing maintenance order (pursuant to s72 of the Women’s Charter).

Overview of maintenance proceedings

The following are the stages of a typical maintenance proceeding, and when you will need to have your E-Template Statement (ETS) ready.

1. Issuance of summonsIf you are a complainant, you will be given the next court date and a link to access and download the ETS.

If you are a respondent, you will be issued with the summons, next court date, and link to access and download the ETS.

Both the complainant and respondent will also need to download the Document and Evidence Checklist (the “Checklist”).
2. MediationFor both complainant and respondent, you should prepare your ETS before the mediation session.

You may also wish to bring supporting documents, if possible.
3. Mention and trial preparation

If the matter is not resolved at mediation, you and the other party will proceed to trial. Before the trial, you will be required to attend pre-trial court sessions called Mentions. This is to ensure that the matter is ready for trial.

For the trial, it is mandatory for both complainant and respondent to prepare the ETS, Checklist, as well as all relevant supporting documents.

You will also need to submit your ETS and supporting documents to the court on the iFAMS.

Filing an E-Template Statement for maintenance applications

Depending on the application you are involved in, you will need to download the following documents:

Fresh Maintenance Application 
(s69 Women’s Charter)
Variation / Rescission / Suspension Application (s72 Women’s Charter)
S69 E-Template Statement (ETS) for the Complainant   (PDF, 775 KB) S72 E-Template Statement (ETS) for Complainant  (PDF, 907 KB)
S69 E-Template Statement (ETS) for the Respondent (PDF, 745 KB) S72 E-Template Statement (ETS) for Respondent (PDF, 969 KB)
Document and Evidence Checklist (for s69 applications)  (PDF, 172 KB) Document and Evidence Checklist (for s72 applications)  (PDF, 448 KB)

For enquiries on the ETS, you may email


How to prepare the ETS

The ETS will take about 30 minutes to fill in. If you need more time to complete the ETS, you should save your work on your computer. Follow these guidelines when compiling the required supporting documents.

You should...You should not...
  • Compile and organise all the supporting documents in a logical manner (usually in chronological order, and according to each part of the ETS).
  • Number the pages of your supporting documents.
  • Ensure that your documents are numbered as one continuous pagination from start to end.
  • Scan your supporting documents using either a scanner or your handheld device (i.e., mobile phone or tablet).
  • Refer to the relevant Document and Evidence Checklist on how to organise and number the pages of your documents.
  • Refer to the guide on how to insert a digital signature on the ETS  (PDF, 738 KB)
  • Paginate each document or documents within each part separately.

Note: There is a size limit of 5MB per file, for each upload to the iFAMS system. 

You are encouraged to combine your ETS and supporting documents together into one combined file for easy reference. Alternatively, you can upload the ETS and supporting documents separately, or group your supporting documents based on each Part of the ETS. Do not upload each of your supporting documents individually. 

Documents which are not organised properly may be rejected.

You should also have a back-up of all your documents after uploading them on the iFAMS.

Refer to the guide on filing your ETS  (PDF, 658 KB) and supporting documents on the iFAMS for use at hearings.

When preparing for mediation

Print a copy of your completed ETS to be given to the mediator. This will assist the mediator in conducting the mediation session and understanding both the complainant’s and respondent’s cases.

Where possible, you may also bring your supporting documents.

When preparing for trial

It is mandatory for you to submit a copy of the correct ETS, the Document and Evidence Checklist, and supporting documents to the court. The ETS is your written statement to the court, who will rely on it at the hearing. It is your responsibility to ensure that all the documents and information required are in the ETS before the trial commences.

The submission of the ETS and all other documents to court will be through the iFAMS interface using your Singpass. The court will give you further directions and when you will need to submit these documents. You will also be given instructions to send your ETS and supporting documents to the other party.

Help and Support

If you have enquiries on the ETS, email


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