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Things to see and do in the courts

Visitors to the Supreme Court or State Courts can learn more about Singapore's judicial system, history and courthouse architecture.

Visitors to the Supreme Court can explore the following:

  • Judicial Heritage Gallery: Experience a multi-dimensional and multi-media walk-through of Singapore's judicial heritage, set in scenes during milestones in social history.
  • Learning CourtImmerse yourself in a delightful and dynamic learning experience about the Singapore court system and the Supreme Court through multimedia enactment and role play with audience participation.
  • Viewing gallery: Enjoy a bird's eye view of the old Supreme Court and City Hall, the Parliament House and other significant monuments that define Singapore’s Civic District.
  • Courtrooms: Attend an actual hearing in one of our courtrooms.
    • Hearings are open to the public except for those held in chambers.
  • Centralised display management system:Check out the court's one-stop interactive information display system that court users frequently refer to.
    • Visitors can see details of all the hearings taking place, the presiding judges, the hearings which are open to the public and the best routes to take between locations.
  • The architecture of the building: Embodying the very values of our justice system, namely dignity, openness and transparency, the Supreme Court is designed for long-term flexibility.
    • The building incorporates sustainable features such as climate control devices, solar shading to the offices and rooftop trees that are purposely planted to shelter over the public promenade.

Find out more about the Supreme Court and its building with a virtual tour.

Navigate around the Supreme Court with the Wayfinder.

Visitors may also visit the Old Supreme Court, which is now the National Gallery Singapore, an art museum. You can download a free mobile app for a virtual tour of the old Supreme Court.

In view of the COVID-19 situation, the Judicial Heritage Gallery at the Supreme Court will remain closed till further notice.

Visitors to the State Courts can explore the following:

  • Heritage Gallery: Immerse yourself in an interactive journey as you explore the rich history and progress of the State Courts, and how the State Courts have played an integral role in nation-building.
  • Sky Garden: Take in the architectural building concept as you look up from the Sky Garden and observe how the State Courts building is separated into two distinct towers - the court tower and the office tower with 39 link bridges connecting them.
  • Specialised courts: Learn about the various specialised courts, such as the Traffic Courts on Level 7, the Community Courts on Level 18 and the Night Courts co-located with the Mentions Court on Level 4.
    • Hearings are open to the public except for those heard in-camera and held in chambers.
  • Mentions Court 4A Public Gallery:Attend a live court hearing and witness court proceedings at Court 4A, one of the largest courtrooms in the State Courts. This is where most accused are first charged for a criminal offence.
  • Payment kiosk: View the payment kiosk where court users can make payment for court fees, fines and bail.
    • The payment kiosk accepts all modes of payment such as cash in notes and coins, credit card, debit card, cheque and PayNow.
    • The payment information is relayed in real-time to the backend finance functions to facilitate court processes.
  • HELP Centre: Created to assist court users to navigate the legal process, this is where you will find the Community Justice Centre, Law Society Pro Bono Services and Ministry of Social and Family Development Probation Intake Office co-located in one convenient spot.
    • Their location in the State Courts is to provide assistance that is beyond the scope of the courts.
  • Bail Centre: Visit the venue where the State Courts accepts applications for bail and collects payment.

Navigate around the State Courts with the Wayfinder.

Sign up for guided tours

Refer to the following to find out how to sign up for Supreme Court or State Courts guided tours.

Supreme Court guided tours

Visitors interested in signing up for a guided tour of the Supreme Court may contact the following authorised educational partners for more details about the programme and fees.

Company or person

Contact information

Singapore History Consultants

A+B Edu Tours and Travel Pte Ltd

Janie Francis

Diana Chua

In view of the COVID-19 situation, the public tour is unavailable till further notice.

State Courts guided tours

The State Courts organise free guided tours that last for 1 hour. The tours are open to all.

The tour includes:

  • Introduction to the work of the State Courts.
  • A visit to the State Courts Heritage Gallery.
  • A walkabout on the different functions and facilities in the State Courts.

The tour will be confirmed when there are at least 20 participants. The maximum group size is 25.

Registration will close 2 weeks before the date of the tour or when the maximum number of participants is reached, whichever is earlier.

How to sign up

In view of the COVID-19 situation, the public tour is unavailable at the moment. Watch this space for details on how to sign up when the public tour resumes.

Mobile tours

Download the free "Old Supreme Court" mobile app to experience a virtual tour of the old Supreme Court building, which has since been refurbished into the National Gallery Singapore.

With the app, you can get a first-person perspective of the building's previous layout, including the underground holding cells for criminal suspects, jury box and Chief Justice's court.

The app was developed by the Singapore Academy of Law and local artist Eugene Soh.

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