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20 Oct 2023 Keynote Address on appropriate dispute resolution for transnational projects in the Asian context (PDF, 155.44 KB)
31 Aug 2023 Keynote Address by Justice Philip Jeyaretnam at GAR Live 2023 - Effective Interpretation of Arbitration Clauses (PDF, 193.5 KB)
28 Aug 2023 Speech by Justice Judith Prakash at the SIAC Symposium 2023 - The critical role of the courts in arbitral disputes: Conceptualising the partnership between the courts and arbitration (PDF, 189.8 KB)
07 Jul 2023 Speech by Justice Jeyaretnam, President SICC at NUS Law Commencement 2023 (PDF, 109.48 KB)
15 May 2023 Chief Justice Sundaresh Menon Lecture in Bahrain: “The Transnational System of Commercial Justice and the Place of International Commercial Courts (PDF, 339.08 KB)
14 Apr 2023 Chief Justice Sundaresh Menon Keynote Address at the 9th Annual Conference of International Academy of Construction Lawyers (PDF, 317.47 KB)
23 Feb 2023 Chief Justice Sundaresh Menon: Keynote Address delivered at the 7th IBA Asia Pacific Regional Forum Biennial Conference
21 Feb 2023 Recoverability of Foreign Lawyer Costs in the SICC - © Colin Seow and Singapore Academy of Law. Republished with permission. This article was first published in the Singapore Academy of Law Journal, and may be cited as ‘(2023) 35 SAcLJ 86 (published on e-First 3 February 2023)
12 Jan 2023 Address by Justice Philip Jeyaretnam on the launch of Litigation-Mediation-Litigation Protocol & SICC Model Jurisdiction Clause for International Arbitration Matters - Address on Appropriate Dispute Resolution (PDF, 576.35 KB)
21 Jul 2016 “The Singapore International Commercial Court in Action: Illustrations from the First Case”, Singapore Academy of Law Journal (e-First) (PDF, 409.98 KB)
07 Jul 2016 “SICC rules that Yuanta breaches joint agreement”, Lianhe Zaobao (PDF, 1.09 MB)
05 Jul 2016 “$58m dollar spat is ‘offshore’ case, rules commercial court here”, The Straits Times (PDF, 122.93 KB)
06 Jun 2016 “A ‘good first step’ for new Singapore court hearing cross-border disputes”, Channel NewsAsia (PDF, 162.42 KB)
30 May 2016 “The Singapore International Commercial Court gets off to a flying start: first judgment released only four months after closing submissions”, Lingard, Kirkness, Apostolova, Menish & Wong
25 May 2016 “SICC issues its first judgment on $800 mln dispute”, Asian Legal Business
24 May 2016 “SICC hands down first judgment”, Global Arbitration Review (PDF, 666.72 KB)
23 May 2016 “Singapore International Commercial Court hands down first decision”,
27 Apr 2016 “The Future Is Now: Legal Trends in the Global Village”, Chief Justice Sundaresh Menon, Symposium at Keio Law School, Keio University (PDF, 379.61 KB)
26 Apr 2016 “Enhancing the International Enforceability of Singapore Judgments: The Choice of Court Agreements Act 2016”, Indranee Rajah S.C., Ministry of Law
17 Mar 2016 “Shaping the Future of Dispute Resolution & Improving Access to Justice”, Chief Justice Sundaresh Menon, Global Pound Conference Series 2016 – Singapore
19 Jan 2016 “Singapore’s Leadership in Advancing the Rule of Law”, Stephen J. Brogan, Jones Day (PDF, 217.64 KB)
11 Jan 2016 “The Opening of the Legal Year 2016: Response by Chief Justice Sundaresh Menon”

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