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What is the Probate eService? 

The Probate eService is an online service that a named sole executor can use to apply for a Grant of Probate. The eService will assist the sole executor in preparing and submitting the required probate documents to the court. 

This service allows you to auto-populate certain fields using MyInfo if you grant access through Singpass, and may allow you to retrieve the deceased’s death information directly from official government records in an applicable case.

You do not need a lawyer to use this service. However, you will have to pay filing fees associated with filing the probate application. If there are issues with your filing, rejection fees may also be charged. These filing and rejection fees apply regardless of whether you file for probate through the Probate eService, through a lawyer, or physically at the Service Bureau. Some documents need to be sworn or affirmed before a Commissioner for Oaths with fees being directly payable to the Commissioner for Oaths.

Who can use the Probate eService? 

The Probate eService is currently available for cases where the total estimated value of the deceased’s estate is not more than $2 million.

To use the Probate eService:

  • You must have Singpass.
  • You must be above the age of 21 (based on the exact date of birth).
  • You must be the named sole executor in the will.
  • You must have access to QR-based, debit or credit card payment methods.
  • You must have the deceased’s details: If the deceased had passed away in Singapore, their information may be retrievable directly from official government records through the eService.
  • It would be nonetheless advisable to have ready the following documents so that you can cross-check the information retrieved, or for uploading if necessary:
    • If the death occurred on/after 29 May 2022, a copy of the deceased’s digital death certificate issued by the ICA in PDF format. View sample here
    • If the death occurred before 29 May 2022, a certified true copy of the deceased’s death certificate issued by ICA. View sample hereYou may approach a lawyer to get the deceased's death certificate certified as a true copy. 

The deceased must:

  • Be Singaporean or a Singapore Permanent Resident
  • Be domicile in Singapore at the time of their death
  • Have passed away in Singapore
  • Have passed away on or after 15 February 2008
  • Not be of the Muslim religion (as a different set of procedures apply for this)
  • Have an original will that is, on the face of it:
  • Written in the English language.
  • Signed by the deceased.
  • Has the names of at least two witnesses who executed the will in the presence of the testator (i.e. the deceased) and each other at the same time.
  • Signed by the named witnesses.
  • Indicates that the deceased had knowledge of the contents of the will.
  • Have a total estimated estate value of not more than $2 million Singapore dollars.

If you do not meet the eligibility requirements or if there are errors or discrepancies on the face of the documents filed, your probate matter may require additional steps or documents to be filed, which the Probate eService does not currently have available. You may wish to consult a qualified lawyer for independent legal advice.

If you proceed to utilise the eService nonetheless, your application may be rejected along the way (with rejection fees of $5 per document) and access to the eService discontinued. Instructions will be provided on how you may continue filing your application at the Service Bureau.

Documents you will need 

  • The physical original will of the deceased (and a codicil, if any).
  • A certified true copy of the deceased’s will in PDF format (and a codicil, if any), with a cover page. View sample here. You may approach a lawyer to get the deceased's will certified as a true copy. 
  • The deceased's digital death certificate or certified true copy of the death certificate issued by ICA, whichever is applicable.
  • A list of the deceased’s assets both in and outside of Singapore.
  • A list of the deceased’s debts in Singapore which are secured by mortgage (if available).

After you have submitted your application for a Grant of Probate on the Probate eService, you must present the physical original will for verification at the Probate Registry counter at Family Justice Courts @ Maxwell Road during its operating hours.

After the court processes the initial documents for your probate application, you will need to submit additional supporting documents. You will be able to download the sample forms for these supporting documents directly from the Probate eService. These supporting documents will need to be sworn or affirmed before a Commissioner for Oaths.

How to access 

You may access the Probate eService with your Singpass.

Help and support

If you need technical help or have deposit or refund related enquiries, contact the CrimsonLogic helpdesk hotline at 6887 7222. 

If you have general enquiries regarding the Probate eService, you may contact Family Justice Courts via this form



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