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PMO Press Release: Appointment of Judges of the High Court

The President of the Republic of Singapore, on the advice of the Prime Minister, has appointed the following as Judges of the High Court under Article 95(1) of the Constitution with effect from 30 September 2017:

  • Judicial Commissioner (“JC”) Thean Pik Yuen Valerie (邓碧云);
  • JC Hoo Sheau Peng (符晓平);
  • JC Debbie Ong Siew Ling (王少凌); and
  • JC Aedit Abdullah.

JC Valerie Thean

2. JC Thean has considerable and varied legal experience, having served in the Courts, the Attorney-General’s Chambers (AGC) and the Ministry of Law. She was appointed the Senior District Judge of the Family and Juvenile Justice Division of the State Courts in March 2014 before assuming her current position as JC of the Supreme Court on 30 September 2014. JC Thean concurrently held the position of Presiding Judge of the Family Justice Courts (“FJC”) since 1 October 2014. Her term as a JC and Presiding Judge will expire on 29 September 2017.

3. As Presiding Judge of the FJC, JC Thean has played an active role in the development of family law and practice both in Singapore and regionally. She is a member of the Family Justice Rules Committee and chairs the Family Justice Rules Working Party sub-committee. She is also a member of the Law Reform Committee of the Singapore Academy of Law (“SAL”) and chaired its Law Reform Sub-Committee on the 1996 Hague Convention on Jurisdiction, Applicable Law, Recognition and Measure for the Protection of Children. JC Thean currently co-chairs the Council of ASEAN Chief Judges Working Group on Cross-border Child Disputes and is the vice-chair of FJC’s International Advisory Council.

JC Hoo Sheau Peng

4. JC Hoo has extensive legal experience, having served in the legal service for over 20 years. She was the Deputy Chief Counsel (Civil Division) of the AGC before her appointment as JC of the Supreme Court on 30 September 2014.

5. JC Hoo is the first woman judge to hear criminal cases in the High Court, having presided over 16 criminal cases in 2016, five of which were capital punishment cases.

JC Debbie Ong Siew Ling

6. Before being appointed a JC in November 2014, JC Ong was an Associate Professor at the National University of Singapore specializing in family law. Having gained experience in handling both civil and family law cases in the High Court, JC Ong will be appointed Presiding Judge of the FJC when JC Thean’s term ends on 29 September 2017.

7. In addition to her judicial duties, JC Ong also serves on a number of committees including the International Advisory Board of the Child and Family Law Quarterly Journal (UK), the Family Justice Rules Working Party, the Family Law Reform Working Group, the SAL’s Publications Committee and the Legal Education Cluster Committee.

JC Aedit Abdullah

8. JC Aedit has considerable legal experience ranging from civil to criminal matters, including complex financial matters. He was conferred the status of Senior Counsel in 2012 in recognition of his skills, work and experience. He was the Chief Prosecutor (Criminal Justice Division) at the AGC before assuming his current appointment as JC of the Supreme Court on 17 November 2014.

9. Besides his judicial duties, JC Aedit also co-chairs a committee to establish the Judicial Insolvency Network (“JIN”), which aims to develop international protocols for cross-court communication and cooperation. This would help to reduce legal costs and preserve the value of financially distressed businesses.

10. With the above appointments, the Supreme Court will have a total of 22 Judges (including five Judges of Appeal and the Chief Justice), 4 Judicial Commissioners, five Senior Judges and 12 International Judges.

16 AUGUST 2017


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