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Media Release: Singapore and France Sign Two Memoranda of Understanding to Promote Bilateral Judicial Cooperation

On 12 May 2023, the Judiciaries of Singapore and France signed two Memoranda of Understanding (“MOUs”) to promote bilateral judicial cooperation.

2        The MOU for Judicial Cooperation signed by The Honourable the Chief Justice Sundaresh Menon, Supreme Court of the Republic of Singapore and Mr Christophe Soulard, First President of the Court of Cassation of the French Republic affirms both courts’ commitment to exchange experiences and information, promote regular consultations and participate at conferences or seminars on matters of common interest. Some areas of common interest that the courts have identified for such cooperation are judicial systems and reforms, the effective and proper use of technology in the administration of justice, judicial training, and research on trends in dispute resolution.

3        Another MOU on Advancing Cooperation in Judicial Education and Research was signed by Ms Juthika Ramanathan, Chief Executive (Office of the Chief Justice), Singapore Courts for the Singapore Judicial College and Ms Nathalie Roret, Director of the French National School for the Judiciary. This is to enhance cooperation in areas such as judicial training and programmes, sharing of findings from judicial research projects and to exchange materials, information and experience on topics of interest. The MOU also aims to strengthen collaboration in judicial training by facilitating mutual visits and attachments.

4        Chief Justice Menon welcomed the signing of the MOUs and said, “I am delighted that we have concluded these arrangements with our French counterparts. The MOUs will promote collaboration and cooperation between our courts in judicial education and training, as well as judicial dialogue and exchanges on important areas such as the reform of our justice systems, the use of technology, and current and emerging trends in dispute resolution.”

Chief Justice Menon delivered address at the 3rd Annual France-Singapore Symposium on Law and Business

5        During Chief Justice Menon’s visit, he also addressed the 3rd Annual France-Singapore Symposium on Law and Business which was held at the Grand Amphitheatre Sorbonne, Paris, France from 11 to 12 May 2023.

6        The Symposium is co-organised by the French Embassy in Singapore and the Singapore Academy of Law. This year’s Symposium centred on legal technology, with policy and legal experts from France and Singapore discussing topics such as artificial intelligence (“AI”), data protection, and policy coordination and cooperation between France and Singapore on technology more broadly.

7        Chief Justice Menon delivered the keynote address at the opening of the Symposium. In his speech, Chief Justice Menon examined the impact of technology on our legal systems, the rise of generative AI, and the need for urgent reform to our legal systems to respond to new and emerging advances in technology. Chief Justice Menon then addressed how legal practice, legal education and our justice systems might be transformed to suit the needs and realities of our digital age.

Issued by: Singapore Courts


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