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Media Release: Inaugural Singapore-France Judicial Roundtable

Inaugural Singapore-France Judicial Roundtable on the interface between technology and justice systems

1          On 31 January 2024, the Supreme Court of Singapore and the Court of Cassation of France convened the inaugural Singapore-France Judicial Roundtable, a milestone in the collaboration between the two judiciaries.

2          The Honourable the Chief Justice Sundaresh Menon of Singapore, and The Honourable First President Christophe Soulard of the Court of Cassation of France, co-chaired the Roundtable, which was attended by participating judges and officials from Singapore and France. 

3          The Roundtable discussed the interface between technology and justice systems. It included presentations by Justice Aedit Abdullah and Justice Goh Yihan of the Supreme Court of Singapore, who addressed, respectively, how technology has been incorporated into court procedures and processes, and legal issues arising from advances in artificial intelligence (AI).

4          In his opening remarks, Chief Justice Menon said that recent advances in technology, especially in AI, had opened up new and exciting prospects for the use of technology by judiciaries; and these innovations were also generating a range of novel and complex legal issues that would come before the courts. It was therefore fitting that the Roundtable focused on the link between technology and the legal systems of Singapore and France.

5          This Roundtable was conceived during a bilateral meeting at the Court of Cassation of France in May 2023, where the judiciaries of Singapore and France signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for judicial cooperation. In the MoU, the two judiciaries agreed to engage in dialogue and exchanges on important areas such as the use of technology, and current and emerging trends in dispute resolution.

6         Chief Justice Menon said that he was confident that the Roundtable would become a significant platform for the judiciaries of Singapore and France to exchange ideas and experiences, and that it would open up many avenues for fruitful collaboration between the two judiciaries. 

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