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Joint Media Release: Families of offenders gets support at family-connect @ State Courts

The family-connect @ State Courts initiative is a collaboration between the State Courts and Singapore After-Care Association (SACA). It was launched by The Honourable the Chief Justice, Sundaresh Menon at SACA’s Appreciation Night today.

2 With this initiative, family members of offenders facing imprisonment terms will be able to have access to counselling and emotional support, as well as referral to financial and social services at the State Courts. Family members whose loved ones face prison sentences often face anxiety and stress as they may not know what to expect once their loved ones are sent to prison. This is especially so if the family is facing these changes for the very first time.

3 The State Courts deal with about 99% of Singapore’s criminal case load. It is therefore important to provide on-site support to family members of offenders as soon as possible after the sentence is pronounced. The stability of the home during the period of the offender’s incarceration will play an important role in his or her reintegration upon release from prison.

4 The family-connect @ State Courts will provide the immediate and follow up support services to the family. Services include referrals to social agencies for families who are in need of financial assistance, support for young, school-going children, and/or to elder care agencies in cases where there are elderly dependents at home.

5 SACA staff and trained volunteers will be stationed at the State Courts two mornings per week under the initiative from January 2018 to provide counselling and support. 

Issued by: State Courts of Singapore and Singapore After-Care Association
Date: 24 November 2017

For further information or clarification, please contact:

State Courts Mrs Vivian Heng,
Deputy Director, Communications Directorate
Tel: 6435 5045 / 9722 6139

Singapore After-Care Association
Ms Tan Hui San, Manager, Communications & Partnerships
Tel: 6294 2350/ 8481 5103

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