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Advisory on scam calls and phishing emails from scammers impersonating as Supreme Court Officers

The Supreme Court has been alerted that members of public had received
suspicious calls from persons claiming to be Assistant Registrars, Judicial Officers and
staff of the Supreme Court, alleging that they have been involved in traffic accidents,
have pending court cases before the High Court or the Court of Appeal or requesting
their attendance in Court hearings.

2 In some cases, the caller will also request for personal information such as
name and identification details such as the NRIC or FIN number and subsequently
request for money to be transferred to a specific bank account or to collect a document
from the Supreme Court.

3 Please be informed that our officers would not make such calls to request for
fund transfers. Requests to collect documents from the court are usually made in
response to applications made and our response to such requests are done via post
or email. Members of the public are also strongly advised not to respond to the call if
the call is from an unknown number or prefixed with a plus (+) sign. In some cases,
the phone number following the prefix may even be a Supreme Court number, i.e.
6336 0644.

4 If your attendance is required in Court or information is required from you for
any pending case, you will receive a Registrar’s Notice or correspondence from Court
informing you of the case or to request for information. Supreme Court officers will not
call to inform you of a pending case or request for personal information.

5 The Police had also issued an advisory on Government Officials impersonation
scams targeting English-speaking victims, where scammers had posed as Singapore
High Court or Interpol personnel to cheat the victims into making monetary transfers
for the purported settlement of alleged money laundering offences, which were never
committed by them. Please refer to the Police’s advisory here.

6 We take such incidents seriously as they undermine public trust in the courts.
We have made a police report. If you have information related to such scams, please
call the Police hotline at 1800 255 0000 or submit it online at Please dial 999 only if you require urgent Police

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