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Family Justice Courts Case Highlights

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Teo Hoon Ping v Tan Lay Ying Angeline [2009] SGHC 244

Reasons behind a defendant’s behaviour are a relevant consideration in determining whether he or she has acted in a way that the plaintiff cannot reasonably be expected to live with him or her, but the weight to be placed on the reasons is dependent on the circumstances.
calendarDate of Decision: 28 Oct 2009

Ng Kee Shee v Fu Gaofei [2005] SGHC 171

Exceptional hardship under s 94 of the Women’s Charter (Cap 353, 1997 Rev Ed) is something quite out of the ordinary and more than what an ordinary person should reasonably be asked to bear.
calendarDate of Decision: 14 Sep 2005

Cheng William v Chai Mei Leng [1999] SGCA 26

The provisions relating to whether it would be “just and reasonable” to order a divorce under s 95(2) and s 95(4) of the Women’s Charter are applicable for the most extreme of cases, which is a matter of facts which must be proved so that the court can weigh the pros and cons in coming to a decision.
calendarDate of Decision: 09 Apr 1999

Wong Siew Boey v Lee Boon Fatt [1994] SGHC 35

Unreasonable behaviour is a finding of fact established by taking into account the cumulative effect of behaviour and having regard to the personalities of the individuals and circumstances of the marriage.
calendarDate of Decision: 17 Feb 1994

Tan Meng Heok v Tay Mui Keow (m w) and Another [1992] SGHC 218

Adultery must be proved beyond reasonable doubt by the party alleging adultery, through strong inclination and disposition, and evidence of opportunity to commit adultery.
calendarDate of Decision: 07 Aug 1992

Leong Kwek Keong v Lee Ying Kuan [1990] SGHC 8

“Living apart” does not merely mean physical separation, but also an intention to terminate the marital consortium or relationship.
calendarDate of Decision: 21 Feb 1990

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