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Before applying for a family guidance order

Applying for a family guidance order (FGO) should only be a last resort. Before making an application, you are encouraged to do the following:

  • Speak to teachers, the principal or other school authorities to find out how your child is doing and what support is necessary.
  • Seek professional counselling for yourself and your child from school, Family Service Centres (FSCs) or other social service agencies.
  • Seek psychological or psychiatric consultations for yourself and your child, if necessary.

How to apply

You must first make an appointment for a pre-FGO screening interview with one of the following appointed agencies to begin your application for an FGO:

At the agency, the agency staff will interview you and your child (if present) and advise you on steps to take. They may also refer you and your child to a suitable family programme.

Based on the outcome of the family programme, you can decide if you would like to proceed with the FGO application for your child.

If your child is not responsive or refuses to attend the family programme, the agency staff will arrange an appointment for you to make the FGO application in court.


Once an FGO application has been made in the Youth Courts, it may only be withdrawn with the court's consent.

What to bring

At your first appointment with the appointed agency, you will need to bring along the following documents:

  • Your identity card.
  • Your child's birth certificate and identity card.
  • Court orders on custody, care and control, guardianship or adoption (if applicable).
  • Police reports (if any).

Need help?

The information here is for general guidance as the courts do not provide legal advice. If you need further help, you may want to get independent legal advice.

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