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Who is a youth offender

Any person below 16 years old who is arrested and charged in the Family Justice Courts' Youth Courts.

When is bail offered by the Youth Courts

The Youth Court judge will decide whether to offer bail when a youth offender is charged in court.

Bail conditions for a youth offender

The court will decide the bail conditions on a case by case basis. These may include:

  • Attending school.
  • Imposing time restrictions (for example, limits on the hours the youth can go out).
  • Surrendering their passport to an investigation officer.
  • Attending investigations and court events when required.

Who can bail out a youth offender

To post bail for a youth offender, you must:

  • Be the youth's parent or guardian, or any other person responsible for their care and control.
  • Meet these eligibility criteria and be prepared to take up the responsibilities of being a bailor (such as ensuring the youth complies with all the bail conditions).

What can be pledged as security

What can be pledged as security depends on the bail amount set by the Youth Courts.

Where to post youth bail

You should go to the Youth Courts. The court staff will guide you on where to go and what to do.

What to bring

You must bring your identity card (NRIC) or passport. If the bail amount is above $15,000, you will have to present cash or cash equivalents as security.

Make changes after posting bail

Contact the Youth Courts at 6435 5471 or email if circumstances change after posting bail, such as if you no longer wish to be a bailor or if the youth offender needs to leave Singapore.


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