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What is jumping bail

If an accused person on bail does not turn up in court when required, this is known as jumping bail or absconding while on bail. This is a criminal offence. The court will issue a warrant of arrest against the accused.

What happens to the bailor

As the bailor, you will receive a notice to show cause. This means you will have to attend court on a specific date to explain why the accused did not attend court. If there is no valid explanation for the accused's absence, you will also have to explain what steps you took to ensure that the accused complied with the conditions of bail.

If the court finds that you have breached your bailor duties, you may lose part or all the money or property pledged as security for bail.


If you have pledged property as security, the court may issue an order to seize and sell your property to cover the bail amount. If the sum raised through such sale is not enough to cover the bail amount, you may face up to 12 months of imprisonment.

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