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What is a settlement agreement

After submitting a mediation request at the Tripartite Alliance for Dispute Management (TADM), you and the other party will undergo mediation. Mediation at TADM is considered successful if both parties write and sign a settlement agreement in the required form set out at the website of the Ministry of Manpower in the presence of an approved TADM mediator or electronically through the electronic platform of the Ministry of Manpower.

This settlement agreement is a legally binding contract that contains terms with which both parties must comply to resolve existing or potential disputes in a friendly and peaceful manner.

Deciding whether to register

Either party may register a settlement agreement recorded at TADM with the District Court.

Registering the settlement agreement will make it enforceable as a District Court order. This means that if one party does not fulfil their obligations under the registered settlement agreement, enforcement action may be taken against them.

If you choose not to register

If a settlement agreement is not registered with the District Court, a party has to first start a civil claim and obtain a court order in their favour before enforcement action can be taken against the defaulting party.

Key facts

If you are registering the settlement agreement, you are the applicant.

The other party is the respondent.

Refer to the following to find out about registering a settlement agreement.

When to file

Within 4 weeks after the date all parties have signed the settlement agreement.

Filing fees


How to apply

Through the Community Justice and Tribunals System (CJTS).

What you will need

You should prepare the following (where applicable) before you register:

  • The particulars of the respondent.
  • TADM reference number of the settlement agreement.
  • The date the settlement agreement was signed.
  • A soft copy of the settlement agreement in PDF format.

How to register

You will need to follow these steps to register the settlement agreement.



1. Submit an application


Approval or rejection to register the settlement agreement.

2. Serve documents on the other party


The respondent is notified of the settlement agreement registration.

When: within4 weeks after the date all parties have signed the settlement agreement.

Log in to CJTS. Under the Online Applications tab, select Registration of Settlement Agreement and follow the instructions to fill in the required information.

For detailed instructions, refer to the CJTS user guide for filing employment disputes (PDF, 4.54 MB).

You will be notified via e-mail to check on the outcome of your application. If your application is approved, you will receive a notice of registration in your CJTS case folder.

If the registration is rejected, you will receive a notice in your CJTS case folder.

When: immediately once you receive the Notice of Registration.

If your registration is successful, you will have to serve the following documents on the other party:

  • The Notice of Registration.
  • A copy of the settlement agreement.

You may serve the documents through one of the following ways:

Service method

What it is

Personal Delivery

Delivering hard copies of the documents personally to the respondent.

Registered post

(if to an individual) Sending hard copies of the documents to the respondent's last known residential or registered address in an envelope addressed to them.

(if to a business entity) Sending hard copies of the documents to the other party's ACRA registered address in an envelope addressed to them.


Submitting soft copies of the documents to the respondent through CJTS.


Delivering the documents by any means (including fax or email) as directed by the Employment Claims Tribunals (ECT).

If you disagree with a registered settlement order

If you receive a Notice of Registration from the applicant and do not agree to it, you may apply to set aside the registration of the settlement agreement.

Renewing your registered settlement agreement

A registered settlement agreement is valid for 3 years from the date of its registration.

You may apply to extend the registration for another 3 years at any time before the validity of the registration expires. This can be done via CJTS by selecting Renewal of Registration of Settlement Agreement under the Online Applications tab.


Refer to the Guide to Employment Claims (PDF, 226 KB).

Related questions

You maywish to seek your own legal advice on your available courses of action.
The payment modes may be specified in the settlement agreement. Otherwise, the parties may mutually agree on the payment mode.

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