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Organisational structure of the State Courts

Organisational chart of the State Courts of Singapore.

The State Courts are headed by the Presiding Judge of the State Courts, who is a Judge or Judicial Commissioner of the Supreme Court, with overall responsibility for the leadership and management of the State Courts.

The Presiding Judge of the State Courts is assisted by the Deputy Presiding Judge, Principal District Judges, the Registrar of the State Courts and senior court administrators. View the list of judges and judicial officers in the State Courts.

The 3 main divisions in the State Courts are the:

Justice Division

The Justice Division comprises the following clusters, which support the criminal and civil justice system:

Criminal Courts cluster

Manages the hearings and operations of the criminal courts.

Civil Courts cluster

Manages the hearings and operations of the civil courts.

Community Courts and Tribunals cluster

Manages the hearings and operations of the following tribunals and matters:

  • Small Claims Tribunals.
  • Community Disputes Resolution Tribunals.
  • Employment Claims Tribunals.
  • Protection from Harassment Court.
  • Magistrate's Complaints.

Court Dispute Resolution cluster

Provides court dispute resolution services for the whole range of matters in the State Courts.

Office of the Registrar

Centrally manages the legal registry functions of the State Courts.

For civil cases in the Magistrate's Court and District Court, all interlocutory applications (applications that are filed and heard before a trial) are heard by judicial officers from the Office of the Registrar.

Judicial Administration Division

The Judicial Administration Division comprises the following:

Corporate Services cluster

Provides support in ensuring efficient court operations.

Strategic Planning and Technology cluster

Charts the strategy for the organisation and harnesses the use of technology in the State Courts.

Presiding Judge's Office

The Presiding Judge's Office oversees the following:

Legal Directorate

Provides legal support to the State Courts.

Centre for Learning

Oversees training within the State Courts.

Internal Audit

Promotes governance and enables a disciplined approach to evaluate the adequacy of controls.

Judges and judicial officers in the State Courts

Presiding Judge

Justice Vincent Hoong


Mr San Ong Kyar Edwin

Principal District Judges

  • Ms Thian Yee Sze
  • Mr Toh Han Li
  • Mr Victor Yeo Khee Eng
  • Mr Toh Yung Cheong
  • Mr Clement Seah Chi-Ling
  • Ms Tan Li Ching Jill

Senior District Judge

  • Mr Ong Hian Sun

Deputy Principal District Judge

  • Mr Tan Loke Yong Luke
  • Mr Soh Boon Leng Kessler
  • Mr Chiah Kok Khun (Concurrent Appointment)
  • Ms Jasbendar Kaur

Senior Deputy Registrar

  • Ms Ong Chin Rhu

​District Judges

  • Ms Teoh Ai Lin
  • Mr Kow Keng Siong
  • Ms Lee Lit Cheng
  • Ms Jasvender Kaur
  • Mr Soh Tze Bian
  • Mr Ng Cheng Thiam
  • Mr Chay Yuen Fatt
  • Ms Wong Peck
  • Mr Tan Jen Tse
  • Mr Tham Tong Kong Eddy
  • Ms Jasbendar Kaur
  • Mr Ow Yong Tuck Leong
  • Mr Marvin Bay Boon Teck
  • Mr Lim Tse Haw
  • Mr Gwee Tiong Kee Ronald
  • Mr Ng John
  • Mr Teo Weng Kuan Eugene
  • Mr Ho Hsi Ming Shawn
  • Mr Yeo Swee Teck Joseph
  • Mr Shaiffudin Bin Saruwan
  • Ms Woo Wai-Ling Carolyn
  • Mr Tay Wei Heng Terence
  • Ms Salina Ishak
  • Mr Goh Eng Chiang Christopher
  • Mr James Elisha Lee Han Leong
  • Mr Koh Juay Kherng
  • Ms Wang Lan Jee Janet
  • Ms Mesenas May Lucia
  • Mr Adam Nakhoda
  • Ms Lee Li Choon
  • Mrs Brenda Tan
  • Ms Ling Feng Yong Carol
  • Mr Foo Mau Peng Edgar
  • Ms Kamala Ponnampalam
  • Ms Wong Li Tein
  • Ms Lynette Yap Beng Lyn
  • Mr Prem Raj S/O Prabakaran
  • Mr Chan Wei Sern Paul
  • Ms Ang Feng Qian
  • Mr Tan Shao Weng Andrew
  • Ms Ho Yi May Lorraine
  • Ms Sharmila Sripathy
  • Mr Teo Guan Kee
  • Ms Chee Min Ping
  • Mr Winston Man Kah-Soon
  • Ms Kok Shu-en
  • Ms Looi Ai Lin Sandra
  • Ms Tan Yin Tze Sarah
  • Ms Gin Karolyn Hoey Kum Hoong
  • Mr Koo Zhi Xuan
  • Ms Chua Wei Ling Brenda
  • Ms Wong Baochen
  • Mr Chua Wei Yuan
  • Ms Wong Choon Ning
  • Ms Tan Yan Shi Crystal
  • Ms Ling Feng Mei Dorothy
  • Mr Chin Jiayang Kenneth
  • Ms Tay Joo Ling Dora
  • Mr Sheik Umar Bin Mohamed Bagushair
  • Mr Gui Chuan Cheng Vince
  • Mr Chin Ye-Fung Julian
  • Mr Kwek Tze Hern Kevin
  • Ms Ho Yan-Qing Kelly
  • Ms Jasmin Kaur Saini
  • Ms Loh Hui-min
  • Ms Shen Wanqin
  • Mr Jonathan Ng Pang Ern
  • Ms Koh Jiaying
  • Mr Hairul Hakkim S/O Kuthibuteen
  • Ms Sim Mei Ling
  • Ms Lum Baoling Georgina
  • Mr Tan Xue Yang Elton
  • Mr Peter Lo
  • Ms Ho Diana Haven
  • Ms Soh Weiqi
  • Ms Tay Jingxi
  • Ms A Sangeetha
  • Ms Cheng Yuxi
  • Ms Lau Qiuyu
  • Ms Tan Bee Neo Melissa
  • Ms Wong Su Ann
  • Mr Ng Tee Tze Allen
  • Mr Toh Jun Hian Jonathan
  • Ms Lim Mee Yee Elaine
  • Mr Sim Jun Yi Andre
  • Ms Crystal Goh
  • Ms Teo Wei Ling
  • Mr Goh Mu Quan
  • Mr Ong Han Ming Bryan
  • Mr Samuel Wee Choong Sian
  • Mr Kevin Ho Hin Tat


  • Mr Tan Choon Kia Lewis
  • Mr Kim Bum Soo
  • Mr Teo Jing Lu
  • Mr Kang Chern Wey Jared
  • Ms Tan Jia Qi Rachel
  • Mr Goh Teng Jun Gerome
  • Mr Ryan Kwan Kay Tzen

Note: District judges and magistrates preside over the District Courts and Magistrates' Courts respectively, and may hold concurrent appointments as deputy registrars, coroners, tribunal judges or magistrates.

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