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Organisational structure of the Family Justice Courts

Organisational chart of the Family Justice Courts of Singapore.


The Family Justice Courts (FJC) are headed by the Presiding Judge of the Family Justice Courts, who is assisted by the Deputy Presiding Judge, Judges of the High Court (Family Division) and judicial officers (such as district judges or magistrates), court family specialists and court administrators.

The district judges and magistrates may concurrently be appointed as assistant registrars. View the list of judges and judicial officers in the FJC.

The 2 main divisions in the FJC are the:

The Registry

The FJC Registry comprises 4 clusters and divisions:

Family Cluster

Deals with divorce, probate, adoption, deputyship and international child abduction cases.

Family Dispute Resolution Cluster

Deals with family dispute resolution services, maintenance mediation and counselling and psychological services.

Family Protection and Support Cluster

Deals with protection against family violence, maintenance, protection for vulnerable adults and Youth Courts cases such as youth arrest, family guidance and care and protection.

Strategic Planning and Research Division

Deals with planning and policy, performance management and research, strategic relations and programmes, and judicial capability development.

Corporate Support Services

The FJC's Corporate Support Services are integrated with the Supreme Court's.

The Corporate Support Services include the following specialist functions:

Computer and Information Services Directorate

Ensures the FJC is at the forefront of new IT trends and developments.

Anticipates and implements IT solutions for the organisation while safeguarding the FJC's IT assets from cyber-security threats.

Corporate Services Directorate

Oversees the FJC's human resources, security, record management, administrative functions and the library.

Finance and Procurement Directorate

Promotes proper stewardship of the FJC's financial resources, through the implementation of frameworks that promote financial prudence, value-for-money practices and financial accountability.

Infrastructure and Court Services Directorate

Strategises the use of resources and services that best support the hearing process.

It includes the Infrastructure Section, Court Reporting Services Section and Interpreters Section.

Office of Public Affairs

Oversees the planning and execution of public engagement and communication efforts to position the FJC as a forward-thinking and outward-looking organisation with effective public service delivery.

Judges and judicial officers in the Family Justice Courts

Presiding Judge

Justice Debbie Ong

Deputy Presiding Judge

Mr Chia Wee Kiat


Mr Yap Yew Choh Kenneth

Principal District Judge

Mr Muhammad Hidhir Bin Abdul Majid

District Judges

  • Mdm Toh Wee San
  • Ms Lee Geok Kim Christine Dorothy
  • Mr Ng Choong Yeong Kevin
  • Ms Koh Geok Jen @ Jen Koh
  • Ms Amy Tung Chew Ming
  • Ms Loi Teck Yi Yarni
  • Mr Wong Sheng Kwai
  • Ms Chin Yew Ling Suzanne
  • Mr Soh Wen Yan, Darryl
  • Ms Yeo Eng Joo, Miranda
  • Mr Lim Keng Yeow
  • Mr Sheik Mustafa Bin Abu Hassan
  • Ms Shobha Gopalakrishnan Nair
  • Ms Lo Wai Ping
  • Ms Chan Su-Lin Carrie
  • Mr Tan Boon Chwee Colin
  • Ms Janice Chia Yong Yong
  • Mdm Tan Shin Yi
  • Ms Loh Wern Sze, Nicole
  • Ms Tan Ai Ling Jinny
  • Ms Thong Lijuan, Kathryn
  • Ms Geraldine Kang
  • Ms Kimberly Scully
  • Mr Chew Minhai, Edmund
  • Mrs Elias Michelle Claire Solomon
  • Mr Goh Kiat Yi
  • Mdm Lim Choi Ming
  • Mr Tay Chian Yi, Eugene
  • Ms Kang Sin Wil, Josephine
  • Ms Cheryl Koh Mei Chen
  • Mr Ho Mingjie, Kevin
  • Mr Azmin Bin Jailani
  • Ms Yu Hui Sann, Wendy
  • Ms Cassandra Felicia Cheong Pei Shan
  • Mr Goh Zhuo Neng
  • Ms Cheong Yen Lin, Adriene
  • Mr Tay Wei Sheng, Patrick
  • Ms Yvonne Goh Qiu Ting
  • Mr Jason Gabriel Chiang
  • Ms Chua Xin Yi Sarah


  • Mr Tan Zhi Xiang

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