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About the International Consortium for Court Excellence

The State Courts of Singapore are a founding member of the International Consortium for Court Excellence (ICCE). The Consortium was formed by experts from the United States, Europe, Australia and Singapore to develop an International Framework for Court Excellence (IFCE). This framework is a resource for assessing the performance of a court through a self-assessment process. It guides courts that are intending to improve their performance on how to achieve excellence.

The other founding members of the ICCE are Australia's Australasian Institute of Judicial Administration as well as the United State's Federal Judicial Center and National Center for State Courts. The European Commission for the Efficiency of Justice, SPRING Singapore (now known as Enterprise Singapore) and the World Bank also provided assistance.

The International Framework for Court Excellence

The IFCE draws references from the Singapore Quality Award (SQA) framework developed by SPRING Singapore (now known as Enterprise Singapore) as well as other quality models. It uses recognised methodologies to improve organisational performance, while reflecting the unique issues that courts face.

The IFCE was first developed in 2008 and has since undergone 2 revisions. Each new edition builds on the foundation of previous editions by introducing enhancements based on feedback obtained from users of earlier editions, and incorporating updates to maintain its relevance in the present operating environment. The latest edition is the 3rd edition (May 2020).

The full text of the IFCE can be downloaded from the ICCE website, which provides court excellence tools developed by the Consortium and useful resources contributed by the members.

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