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The Court

The SICC is a division of the General Division of the Singapore High Court and part of the Supreme Court of Singapore designed to deal with transnational commercial disputes. It is a superior court of law built on the foundations of a legal and judicial system that has been highly regarded and favourably ranked in international surveys conducted by, among others, the Swiss-based International Institute for Management Development and the Hong Kong-based Political and Economic Risk Consultancy. Click here to download the SICC brochure for more information.


Generally, the SICC has the jurisdiction to hear and try an action if:

  1. the claim in the action is of an international and commercial nature;
  2. the parties to the action have submitted to the SICC's jurisdiction under a written jurisdiction agreement; and
  3. the parties to the action do not seek any relief in the form of, or connected with, a prerogative order (including a mandatory order, a prohibiting order, a quashing order or an order for review of detention).

For more information regarding the SICC's jurisdiction, please refer to Order 2 rule 1 of the Singapore International Commercial Court Rules 2021.

The SICC may also hear cases which are transferred from the Singapore High Court. Third or subsequent parties may be joined to an action where the SICC has or assumes jurisdiction or in a case transferred to the SICC from the General Division of the High Court.

The SICC will not decline to assume jurisdiction in an action solely on the ground that the dispute between the parties is connected to a jurisdiction other than Singapore, if there is a written jurisdiction agreement between the parties to submit the claim for resolution by the SICC.

The SICC Registry

The SICC Registry administers cases filed in the SICC and appeals to the Court of Appeal from SICC decisions. The SICC Registry is headed by the Registrar and supported by Deputy Registrars and Assistant Registrars.

Divisional Registrar
Mr Phang Hsiao Chung

Deputy Divisional Registrars
Ms Crystal Tan Huiling
Mr James Low Yunhui
Ms Li Yuen Ting
Mr Paul Tan Wei Chean

Assistant Registrars
Ms Cheng Pei Feng
Ms Gan Kam Yuin
Ms Elaine Liew Ling Wei
Mr Rajaram Vikram Raja
Ms Jacqueline Lee Siew Hui 
Mr Tan Ee Kuan
Mr Kenneth Wang Ye
Mr Reuben Ong Zhihao
Mr Bryan Ching Yu Jin
Mr Sim Junhui
Mr Wong Hee Jinn
Mr Victor Choy Wai Kit 
Ms Joanne Leong Wai Teng 
Mr Perry Peh Bing Xian
Ms Wee Yen Jean
Ms Sherilyn Chew Xi Xian 
Mr Ong Kye Jing
Ms Pearly Ang Hui Xuan
Ms Claudia Chen Yuan Ling

The functions of the SICC Registry include the following:

  1. assisting the SICC Judges and the Court of Appeal Judges hearing appeals from the SICC in the provision of quality and timely adjudication services for the efficient management of the docket;
  2. assisting in administering the directions of the SICC Judges and the Court of Appeal Judges hearing appeals from the SICC for the preparation of hearings, including hearings for pre-trial and preliminary applications as well as case management conferences;
  3. maintaining and managing the filing, production and certification of, and access to, court/hearing records and documents;
  4. convening court sittings and providing hearing support by, for example, conducting conflict checks, scheduling hearings, arranging for translation services, and facilitating the use of court technology for hearings;
  5. assisting in administering the directions of the SICC Judges and the Court of Appeal Judges hearing appeals from the SICC in post-trial matters, such as enforcement proceedings;
  6. editing and disseminating court judgments and other publications;
  7. proposing changes to the Singapore International Commercial Court Rules 2021, and making refinements to the SICC Procedural Guide and SICC User Guides;
  8. maintaining the Register of Foreign Lawyers and Law Experts who may appear before the SICC;
  9. managing all SICC business and affairs including inquiries and requests for assistance; and
  10. collecting fees and other charges relating to SICC matters and proceedings.

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