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What is the Divorce eService

The Divorce eService is a service that you can use to apply for divorce on the simplified track or generate the documents needed to file a divorce, which you can use to discuss with your lawyer. Documents generated through the eService can be sent to your lawyer. The eService can also generate a document which you can use to discuss the details of the divorce with your spouse, and also send this document to your spouse directly.

This online form allows you to auto-populate certain fields with MyInfo if you grant access through Singpass.

You do not need a lawyer to use this eService. However, applying for divorce is a major decision, and you should consult a qualified lawyer if you are unsure about your rights and obligations. Please note that you will need to comply with the legal, procedural and formal requirements of conducting court proceedings regardless of whether you have a lawyer or not.

The eService is provided free of charge. However, you will have to pay filing fees associated with filing the divorce papers. These filing fees apply regardless of whether you file for divorce through the Divorce eService or through a lawyer.


If you intend to apply for divorce through the Divorce eService, both you and your spouse will need to have Singpass.

Who can use the Divorce eService

To use the Divorce eService:

  • You must have Singpass.
  • You must have been married to your spouse for at least 3 years
  • You must have been married under civil law (not Syariah law)

Documents you will need 

  • Marriage certificate
  • Deed Poll (if the name reflected in the marriage certificate is different from your name)
  • CPF Public Housing Withdrawal Statement (if there is no agreement on how your HDB flat is to be dealt with)
  • Bankruptcy Search Results for both you and your spouse

How to access 

You may access the Divorce eService with your Singpass.


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