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Duties of a Duty Registrar

The duties of a Duty Registrar include:

  • Hearing consent applications or ex parte applications/applications without notice.
  • Reviewing matters relating to the administration of  civil case matters, including giving early or urgent hearing dates and allowing inspection of civil case files.
  • Signing and certifying civil case documents.

How to request to attend before a Duty Registrar

Refer to the following to find out how to request to attend before a Duty Registrar in the respective courts. You should apply to the court handling your case.

You should file a letter of request on eLitigation, under “Other Hearing Related Request”.

Take note of the following:

  • The title of the document should be named “Request to attend before Duty Registrar”.
  • The “Request to attend before Duty Registrar” shall state:
    • the directions and/or orders sought; and
    • whether a hearing is required, and if so, the availability of all parties concerned and their telephone numbers.
  • If the request pertains to a particular summons, it should be filed under the relevant summons or sub-case number.
  • Requests that do not comply with these requirements may be refused.
  • If your request is urgent, you may call to inform the State Courts of the filing.

If you are unable to file the request on eLitigation (for reasons such as the originating papers for the case have not been filed or accepted), you may call the State Courts for assistance. You will need to explain the urgency of the request.

The Duty Registrar has the discretion to decide whether a hearing is required.

  • If a hearing is not required, the Duty Registrar may proceed to issue directions and/or orders via eLitigation.
  • If a hearing is required, the hearing will be conducted via video conferencing (using Zoom) or telephone conferencing, unless otherwise directed. You will be informed via eLitigation of the mode and time of the hearing.

You should contact one of the following:

  • (For cases with case reference numbers) Case management officer whose contact details can be found on the Registrar’s Notice or other correspondence from the court.
  • (For all other cases) Email

You need to provide the following information when making your request:

  • Case details.
  • Nature of attendance.
  • Requested date and time to attend before the Duty Registrar.

If you are in the Supreme Court and wish to attend before the Duty Registrar, you should proceed to the Service Hub at Level 1 of the Supreme Court during the operating hours for assistance.

Attendance before the Duty Registrar will be by video conferencing, unless otherwise directed.



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