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Registrar's Circular No. 7 2020

On 1 February 2017, the Supreme Court announced that the Guidelines for Communication and Cooperation between Courts in Cross-Border Insolvency Matters (the “Guidelines”) published by the Judicial Insolvency Network (“JIN”) shall be considered in any case involving cross-border proceedings relating to insolvency or adjustment of debt commenced in more than one jurisdiction (“Parallel Proceedings”). Please see Registrar’s Circular No. 1 of 2017.

2 The JIN has since published the Modalities of Court-to-Court Communication (the “Modalities”) (enclosed in Schedule I herein) to supplement the Guidelines. While the Guidelines set out the principles of court-to-court communication in Parallel Proceedings, the Modalities prescribe the mechanics for initiating, receiving and engaging in such communication. In Singapore, the Guidelines and the Modalities supplement all legislation, rules and procedure in Singapore concerning insolvency and shall be considered in any case involving Parallel Proceedings.

3 Pursuant to section 5 of the Modalities, the Supreme Court appoints the Registrar and, in the Registrar’s absence, the Deputy Registrar as the Facilitator. Pursuant to section 7 of the Modalities, the Supreme Court identifies English as the language in which initial communications may be made.

Dated this 19th day of June 2020.

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Registrar's Circular No. 7 2020


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