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Amendment No. 2 of 2021

The Family Justice Courts Practice Directions will be amended as follows with effect from 16 September 2021: -

  1. The following new paragraph 111A will be inserted after paragraph 111:
    Paragraphs 111A
  2. The existing paragraph 112 will be deleted and replaced with the following paragraph:
    Paragraph 112
  3. The following new subparagraph 116A(5A) will be inserted after subparagraph 116A(5):
    Paragraphs 116A(5A)
  4. The following new subparagraph 125(17) will be inserted after subparagraph 125(16): 
    Paragraph 125(17)
  5. The existing subparagraph 159(13) will be deleted and replaced with the following subparagraph: 
    Paragraphs 159(13)
  6. The existing subparagraphs 161A(11) and (12) will be deleted and replaced with the following subparagraphs:
    Paragraphs 161A(11) and (12)
  7. The existing Form 246A will be deleted and replaced with the following new form:
    Form 246A

The addition in 1 provide for the requirements in connection with the swearing, signing and attestation of affidavits through a live video or television link for purposes of Rule 653A of the Family Justice Rules.

The amendment in 2 provides for consequential linguistic amendment on effect of non-compliance with the Practice Directions for any affidavit or exhibit filed.

The addition in 3 clarifies that a party incapacitated by reason of insolvency must provide the Official Assignee’s non-objections to the contents of parties’ draft consent order, in particular the proposed terms relating to the division of matrimonial assets and maintenance. 

The addition in 4 sets out the timelines expected for submissions for appeals against registrars in the Family Division of the High Court pursuant to Part 18 Division 58 of the Family Justice Rules. 

The amendment in 5 clarifies the details to be included in an applicant’s affidavit for Registrar’s empowerment applications.

The amendment in 6 relates to the use of Mobile Infocomm Technology Facilities (“MIT facilities”) for Family Division of the High Court matters conducted at the Supreme Court building.

The amendment in 7 provides for an updated CPF checklist that parties are required to file pursuant to paragraph 116(1)(d) of the Family Justice Courts Practice Directions.


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Family Justice Courts Amendment No. 2 Of 2021


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