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Amendment No. 6 of 2022 (Practice Directions 2021)

Amendments have been made to Parts II, IV, V, XIII, XVII, Appendix A1, Appendix B and Appendix C of the State Courts Practice Directions 2021. The amendments are summarised below:

1. amendments to Practice Direction 11 on Duty Registrar;
2.  amendments to Practice Direction 35 on The SMCL Process;
3.  amendments to Practice Direction 36 on Simplified Process under Order 65 of the Rules of Court 2021;
4.  amendments to Practice Direction 37 on General Process;
5.  amendments to Practice Direction 45 on Assessment of Damages and Taking of Accounts;
6.  amendments to Practice Direction 48 on Applications in pending cases;
7.  amendments to Practice Direction 52 on “Documents-only” Civil Trials and Assessments of Damages;
8. amendments to Practice Direction 96 on Applications for Enforcement Orders;
9.  amendments to Practice Direction 97 on Seizure or attachment under an Enforcement Order;
10. amendments to Practice Direction 100 on Examination of enforcement respondent;
11.  introduction of new Practice Direction 110A on Judge Case Conference Checklist for criminal trials;
12.  amendments to Form 10 (Checklist for Assessment of Damages Court Dispute Resolution Conferences (“ADCDR”)) of Appendix A1;
13.  introduction of new Form 29A (Judge Case Conference Checklist) to Appendix A1;
14. amendments to Form 30 (Application for Records of Criminal Proceedings) of Appendix A1;
15. amendments to Appendix B (Pre-Action Protocol for Personal Injury Claims and Non-Injury Motor Accident Claims); and
16.  amendments to Appendix C (Guidelines for Court Dispute Resolution Case Conferences for Personal Injury Claims and Non-Injury Motor Accident Claims).

2     The amendments will take effect on 1 December 2022 and will be reflected at from 1 December 2022.

3     Please find attached a document reflecting the marked-up amendments to the Practice Directions 2021.

Download amendment

State Courts Amendment No. 6 Of 2022 (Practice Directions 2021)


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