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About the State Courts Centre for Specialist Services

The State Courts Centre for Specialist Service (CSS) provides counselling and psychological services to court users referred by the court or registry.

The CSS has a team of experienced psychologists, counsellors and social workers that provides the following services:

  • Psychological assessment and brief counselling to vulnerable witnesses, distressed court users and bereaved family members.
  • Management of the witness support programme.
  • Assistance in Coroner’s Inquiries.
    • If a witness in the inquiry requires psychological assistance, the court will alert the CSS to assist the witness.
  • Management of a 6-month pre-sentencing programme where court counsellors, in partnership with community partners, provide case management and targeted interventions for offenders.

The CSS connects community agencies and the courts on matters of psychological and social issues. The CSS team also does the following:

  • Provides a learning ground for undergraduate students in the field of psychology, counselling and social work from local tertiary institutions.
  • Undertakes research on current programmes and trends in the field to develop new programmes to improve the CSS's counselling and psychological services.

Estimated fees

The services provided by the CSS are free of charge. However, if the CSS refers court users to programmes provided by external agencies, court users will need to bear the fees as prescribed by these external agencies.

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