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Family Justice Courts Case Highlights

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Variation applications
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WKN v WKM [2023] SGHCF 25

Where a child is young and unable to voice her preferences, the best interests of the child will depend on the ability and attitudes of the parents. But when a child is older, the child’s views can be significant.
calendarDate of Decision: 15 May 2023

WJW v WJX [2023] SGHCF 21

Where a sale of property is concerned, the market conditions of the day are significant. Although parties may sometimes agree that a sale be deferred to a later date when the value of the matrimonial asset might be higher, unless they had agreed to a floating value, they may not be bound to a fixed value when that value had changed beyond the date that they were reasonably expected to complete the transfer.
calendarDate of Decision: 12 Apr 2023

UMM v UML [2018] SGHCF 13

The power to set aside or vary a consent order on the division of assets under s 112(4) of the Women’s Charter is to be exercised narrowly.
calendarDate of Decision: 02 Oct 2018

CDV v CDW [2020] SGCA 100

Section 112(4) of the Women’s Charter only applies to orders made under the section, and does not have retrospective application. For a variation to be justified under s 112(4), there must be “exceptional reasons” in that the order was unworkable or has become unworkable.
calendarDate of Decision: 14 Oct 2020

ANH v ANI [2019] SGHC 170

Remarriage in itself is a change in circumstances but whether it is sufficient to merit a variation of the maintenance order requires further examination of the nature and extent of the change.
calendarDate of Decision: 22 Jul 2019

VDX v VDY and another appeal [2021] SGHCF 2

The parents’ conflict and the spirit in which they carry out the orders on care and control could affect the child’s welfare more than the specific arrangements in those orders.
calendarDate of Decision: 07 Jan 2021

BZD v BZE [2020] SGCA 1

In examining the question of material change in circumstances, the inquiry is not simply whether there has been any material change per se since the maintenance order; the change must be sufficiently material such that it is no longer fair to expect the status quo to remain.
calendarDate of Decision: 15 Jan 2020

AYM v AYL and another appeal [2014] SGCA 46

An agreement on maintenance may be varied if there has been a material change in circumstances.
calendarDate of Decision: 26 Aug 2014

AYM v AYL [2012] SGCA 68

The court may vary an order for the division of matrimonial assets only where the order was unworkable or has become unworkable, and only before it has been fully effected or implemented.
calendarDate of Decision: 23 Nov 2012

Tan Sue-Ann Melissa v Lim Siang Bok Dennis [2004] SGCA 27

Where an assumption was made known to the other party and formed the basis of an agreement between the parties on maintenance, the non-materialisation of the assumption could amount to a material change in circumstances leading to a variation of maintenance.
calendarDate of Decision: 28 Jun 2004

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