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Family Justice Courts Case Highlights

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Protection for family and vulnerable persons
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Goh Yng Yng Karen (executrix of the estate of Liew Khoon Fong (alias Liew Fong), deceased) v Goh Yong Chiang Kelvin [2020] SGHC 195

The assessment of mental capacity is a holistic one involving functional and clinical components.
calendarDate of Decision: 17 Sep 2020

UNQ v UNR [2020] SGHCF 21

That a personal protection order (“PPO”) may encourage more meaningful access is an irrelevant consideration, and the PPO may on the contrary negatively impact family relationships. The grant of a PPO involves a fact-centric analysis in determining if the threshold under s 65(1) of the Women’s Charter has been satisfied on a balance of probabilities.
calendarDate of Decision: 24 Nov 2020

BUV v BUU and another and another matter [2019] SGHCF 15

The test for capacity in s 4(1) of the Mental Capacity Act 2008 has a functional and clinical component, and the functional component is a judgment for the court to make based on the evidence as to the degree the person’s mental functioning is compromised. The court’s assessment as to mental capacity should be made holistically.
calendarDate of Decision: 20 Jun 2019

TCZ v TDA & Ors [2015] SGFC 63

Undue influence is presumed where there was a relationship of trust and confidence between the parties such that it is fair to presume that the wrongdoer abused the relationship in procuring the other party in the relationship to enter into a transaction.
calendarDate of Decision: 20 May 2015

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