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Family Justice Courts Case Highlights

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UJN v UJO [2021] SGCA 18

To adduce fresh evidence on appeal, there must be special grounds to do so. The court is generally reluctant to allow the introduction of new evidence on appeal if the evidence supports a position that is inconsistent with the applicant’s position below.
calendarDate of Decision: 05 Mar 2021

VDX v VDY and another appeal [2021] SGHCF 2

The parents’ conflict and the spirit in which they carry out the orders on care and control could affect the child’s welfare more than the specific arrangements in those orders.
calendarDate of Decision: 07 Jan 2021

TEN v TEO and another appeal [2020] SGHCF 20

The law expects a parent not to engage in alienating behaviour, and to support the reunification efforts as far as he or she can.
calendarDate of Decision: 23 Nov 2020

UZN v UZM [2020] SGCA 109

An adverse inference may be drawn against a party who fails to provide full and frank disclosure of his assets, through the quantification or uplift approaches.
calendarDate of Decision: 30 Oct 2020

VDZ v VEA [2020] SGCA 75

The family justice system is one that is intended to aid the parties (and their children) to achieve as much healing in all its variegated aspects as is possible in order that they move forward as positively as possible with their lives.
calendarDate of Decision: 04 Aug 2020

UYK v UYJ [2020] SGHCF 9

In an application for relocation, the welfare of the child is paramount and should override any other considerations. There is no presumption for or against relocation. When making its decision, the court undertakes a fact-centric exercise.
calendarDate of Decision: 06 Jul 2020

USB v USA and another appeal [2020] SGCA 57

The starting point and focus in the division exercise is the identification of material gains of the marital partnership, and the period of parties’ pre-marital cohabitation is not taken into account in the division of matrimonial assets exercise.
calendarDate of Decision: 12 Jun 2020

In Re B, Adoption by VIA & VIB [2020] SGFC 46

While the law mandates the consent of the natural parents before an adoption application is allowed, this consent can be dispensed with in situations where parental responsibilities cannot be fulfilled alongside the paramount rights of parents over their child.
calendarDate of Decision: 19 May 2020

VET v VEU [2020] SGHCF 4

Section 5 of the Guardianship of Infants Act (Cap 122, 1985 Rev Ed) does not empower the courts to appoint guardians outside of the circumstances in sections 6 and 10.
calendarDate of Decision: 14 Feb 2020

UYQ v UYP [2020] SGCA 3

Division of matrimonial assets is not a rigid and calculative exercise, but one which takes into account the precise facts and circumstances of each case having regard to the non-exhaustive list of factors in s 112(2) of the Women’s Charter.
calendarDate of Decision: 29 Jan 2020

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