What is a Magistrate’s Complaint

Magistrate's Complaint is an application to a magistrate to examine an alleged offence and give directions for further action. 

Anyone who believes that a criminal offence has been committed against them can file a Magistrate's Complaint.

You should first make a police report and check if your case is eligible, before filing a Magistrate's Complaint online to the State Courts.

Magistrate's Complaint step-by-step

Before filing

Check if your case is eligible

Find out if your case is eligible and understand what the possible outcomes are.

When filing

File the complaint

Submit the application form and supporting documents online. You will get an appointment to see a magistrate, who will decide what happens next.

After filing

Follow the magistrate's order

Your case may proceed to mediation, further investigations, private prosecution or other outcomes. The court may close the complaint in certain scenarios.



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