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When you can plead guilty by letter

If you have committed a traffic or regulatory offence and there is no offer of composition, you can plead guilty by letter instead of attending court on the date and time stated on your traffic ticket notice, notice or summons.

You can plead guilty by letter only if these 3 criteria are met:

  • You admit you committed the offence.
  • Your offence is punishable by fine only or by imprisonment for 12 months or less, or both.
  • You agree to pay any fine the court may impose on you for the offence.

How to plead guilty by letter

You will need to follow these steps:

  1. Write a letter stating your intention to plead guilty to your offence and agreement to pay any fine which may be imposed for the offence.
  2. Include your name, postal address, identity card (NRIC) number, case number, the original court date and the court in which your matter is fixed.
  3. Submit the letter to the following address:

The Registrar
State Courts
1 Havelock Square
Singapore 059724

Getting notified of the court's decision

When your letter is received, the court may record a plea of guilt from you and convict you. You will be notified of the court’s decision by mail, sent to the address you have provided.

The court may instruct you to do any of the following in the letter:

  • Pay a fine without a sentence of imprisonment in default of payment.
  • Pay a fine with a sentence of imprisonment in default of payment.
    • This means that if you do not pay the court fine by the due date stated, you may have to serve a default imprisonment term decided by the court.
  • Direct you to attend court on a specified date, time and venue. You must attend the hearing if directed to do so.
    • A term of imprisonment will not be imposed by letter. If the court decides to impose a term of imprisonment, it will require you to attend court.

Paying the fine

You must pay any fine within 7 days of the date the court’s letter was posted. You can pay via the Automated Collection System (ACS) kiosk machine located in the State Courts Bail Centre.

Find out more about payment of court fines.

Need help?

The information here is for general guidance as the courts do not provide legal advice. If you need further help, you may want to get independent legal advice.

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    Legislation associated with this topic includes Section 154 of the Criminal Procedure Code.

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