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Legal help and support

Resources on how to get help if you have a case in the Singapore Courts, including ways to get legal aid, advice or administrative and emotional support.

What happens at a youth arrest hearing

Youths who are arrested can either plead guilty or claim trial in the Youth Courts. Their parents or guardians can help to conduct their defence or mitigate.

Represent yourself in court: rights and responsibilities

You can either hire a lawyer or choose to represent yourself in a court case. Find out what are your rights and responsibilities before making a decision.

At your court mention


How to prepare an affidavit

An affidavit is a signed statement of fact made under oath. Find out how to prepare an affidavit if the court requires it.

At your protection from harassment case management conference or case conference

A case management conference or case conference gives parties a chance to resolve their case in the Protection from Harassment Court.

Media Release: Winners Announced for the Inaugural 'Hackathon for a Better World 2020' by DBS x SG Judiciary

After three intense months of research and solutioning, four teams have emerged as overall winners of the inaugural ‘Hackathon for a Better World’, a social...

At your personal protection order application hearing


At your small claims hearing

Your small claim may proceed to a hearing if it is not settled at the consultation. You will have a chance to present your case before an order is made.

Going to court for a guardianship application

Find out what to expect if you have to attend court for a guardianship application.

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