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File a small claim

Find out about the Small Claims Tribunals and the process to file a small claim.

How to respond to a small claim

If you are responding to a claim at the Small Claims Tribunals, find out more about the claim and the different ways you can respond.

How to file and serve a small claim

Find out how to file a small claim online, including the fees and documents to prepare. You must also serve the claim on the respondent.

Media Release: State Courts enhance small claims process

The first phase of the State Courts’ Community Justice and Tribunals System (CJTS) was launched today..

Understand the outcomes of a small claim

A small claim may lead to different outcomes, depending on the order made by the Small Claims Tribunals.

Cases eligible for a small claim

Find out if the Small Claims Tribunals can hear your claim, and understand the claim limits and other considerations before filing a small claim.

Set aside a small claims order made in your absence

If you did not attend a Small Claims Tribunals court session, a default order may be made against you. You may apply to set aside this order within a month of the order date.

Media Release: Small Claims Tribunals to accept higher value claims from 1 November 2019

From 1 November 2019, parties can file a claim of up to $20,000 at the State Courts’ Small Claims Tribunals (SCT).

Appeal against a small claims order

The claimant or respondent may appeal against a decision by the Small Claims Tribunals under specific circumstances. Find out about the process and the fees payable.

Cases eligible for an employment claim

Find out if the Employment Claims Tribunals can hear your claim, what the claim limits are and other considerations before filing an employment claim.

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